Enjoying a beer

Written by Admin on June 12, 2016

Enjoying a beer

By Moritz Kallmeyer
Master Brewer of Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery, Silverton Pretoria,  July 2006.

Nowadays I usually only have one 500ml beer per day (got to leave space for a wee dram later the evening) and I therefore aim to maximize the pleasure of that beer. The enjoyment of the beer for me begins with the preparation of an elegant, appropriate glass. I listen for that reassuring hiss as I open the top, and then continue with the gentle pour down the side of the glass. I wait for the foam to subside (visually the colour, foam and bubbles all arouse the senses) then top it up to a rich dense head.

I put it down in front of me, refraining from taking a sip right away and study the beer in quiet contemplation – the brilliancy and shades of colour, the condensation on the glass, the bubbles lazily rising up to the rich, dense, white head. I then bring the glass to my nose, appreciating the spicy hop bouquet and sweet malt aromas. Now my senses are awakened in eager anticipation for that first mouthful – which I roll around in my mouth making sure it covers all parts. While enjoying the beer I think about all the hard work everybody in the barley fields, at the maltsters and at the brewery has put into this beer to make it a success.

For me the pleasure of beer enjoyment lies more in the journey, not so much in its destination as it is consigned to the stomach. As beer lovers we should educate people regarding drinking beer, more for the enjoyment – not for the effect.

Prost !