Frequently Asked Questions

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Draft Beer Keg Rental Questions:

Is there a deposit to pay on the equipment?

No, but you will be asked for an ID book or drivers licence on collection.

Will I get something back on return of the equipment?

No, you paid a rental fee and no deposit. You will however be responsible for breakages due to irresponsible handling or not following handling instructions.

What will happen if I don’t return the equipment on time?

There is an additional rental fee of R100/day. It might happen that Drayman’s has to cancel someone else’s booking if your equipment has not been returned.

Do you take back unopened kegs?

We will consider doing that if the kegs were kept in a coldroom / walk-in fridge and are returned cold to the brewery.

Will one keg of beer and dispenser fit in a standard vehicle?

Yes it will, but you mustn’t bring 4 passengers with.

Who must collect the equipment?

We would prefer that one of the persons responsible for dispensing the beer at the function comes with when collecting. We will show you how to use the equipment on collection.

Can I tap more than one style of beer on one dispenser?

No you will have to finish one keg and then connect the second beer to the dispenser.

What is the latest I can collect?

The brewery closes at 13:00. Please try to collect no later than 12:00. We are open from 7:30. After 12:00 the next person on the waiting list will be contacted and helped if you did not pitch.

Can I collect on a Saturday?

We try to avoid that. We have skeleton staff on a Saturday because of functions and expo’s we do work at on weekends. It might thus not be possible.

Can I bring back the equipment on a Monday?

You are welcome to do so. The office is closed on a Monday but if you ring the bell(s) at the office door the brewery workers will open for you. Be sure to have the slip at hand in order for us to know whose equipment has been returned.